Miniaturisation and very low energy consumptions are to the point that almost everything is possible. We’re not speaking any more of ‘personal’ computers. Most of the devices are made to automatically connect to all reachable devices and together they compute all needed tasks for everyone present and also some community tasks. Most of the accessories are computational devices. Due to the characteristics of gold, and its aesthetic, a lot of those wearables are made of / synthetic / gold. Wearable are interconnected through the human body, and controlled directly by the wearer’s brain, extending so the capacities of that person. Although being able to do general tasks most of the wearable are specialised in one, as connecting to the Grid, generating Immersive Experiences, creating Art, etc.

The only exception is the board computers for spaceships faring out to the Fastlane Network / see Fastlane Network, Grid and Transboarding Hubs / because of the computational needs are humongous they do not share their processing power… And of course for security reasons. Those ships travel out of the Fastlane Network and can be victims of attacks during their journeys. So best would be that they’re not hacked before leaving or by a passenger.

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