Before the end of the century, universal welfare is something acquired by all. Sustainability being its engine. The expansion through the Solar system, its way.

Mayor big players of today's world have crumbled. Capitalism, as did communism before, proved to be unsustainable on the long term. Popular dissatisfaction continued to grow since the popular movements from the start of the 21st century. A new breed of corporations, with social and environmental ethics came to birth. Politics had to align themselves to the new tendencies. The transition was not easy and fast. The old didn’t left without a fight. This fight only strengthened the new.

During this corporate weakening, in a lot of regions, mainly overpopulated impoverish ones in Africa and Asia, general dissatisfaction, strikes and riots continued to raise.

The human expansion into the Solar System revealed that tension and give the possibility to a more organic change on Earth

A new player came in the house; the Δήμα Corporate Group. Enriched by incorporating the global water assets of a crumbling Swiss global group, it could use a huge amount of resources to develop the Δήμα drive, a revolutionary engine that made space travel in the Solar System, now called Sol, affordable. At the same time its social and environmental engagement made it to distribute its water assets by putting in place local, autonomous, affordable and sustainable water supply infrastructures. Before the end of the 21st century it had no water assets anymore and was the major player in the human expansion into Sol.

Africa was its mayor beneficiary. The accessibility to cheap and clean water gave their booming megacities the kickstart to a healthy development and the growing African population a huge pool of candidates for this expansion. Tensions around Northern Africa and the Middle East declined when the importance of Solar energy rose.

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