Famous physician, thanks to her work travel inside the Solar system became accessible. She developed the theories of the Theory of Relationality aka Ismini’s Law

Born from a rich family she always had everything she needed. As a young and spoiled child she always was expecting the impossible. When she couldn’t get it, she used to bend people and environment until she got satisfaction.

When space travel was not possible she decided it would be possible and came with a totally out of the box theory. Thanks to the fortune of her parents she could buy the necessary synthetic brains to develop her set of laws.

With the theory found, she used the array of synthbrians to create a device who could control the gravitational force between an object physically attached to it and another one. Creating the Midas Device. Of visionary nature, she places the patent of the device in public domain, opening the Solar System to whole humanity and forcing us into a new evolutionary step.

She continues to use the device to design beautiful and accessible spaceships, the array of synth brains, keeping her on the edge, and refilling the chests of her family.

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