Thanks to the theory of Relationality / Ismini’s Laws / we control the gravitational force between two objects. The Midas Device on a ship gives it the ability to fare throughout the Solar System and gives it population a constant 1G of gravity, also while accelerating. On a space station this device is use to create a pleasing 1G and if needed can be used to move it slowly.

Its intrinsic relation with the Sun makes that we can not use a midas device to journey out of the Oort Cloud.

Although the device does not need a lot of energy to work the need in computational power is considerable. For this reason the Fastlane Network is being built. Flights from and to bodies larger than Luna need so much processing power that those journeys are heavily controlled and limited. Giving to the Union the perfect excuse to control Earth’s ins and outs.

Energy[edit | edit source]

Energy is needed to change the configuration, named state, of the device. Once this is done, its influence is fixed and no further energy is needed.

¿¿The amount of energy needed to change the state of the device is in direct relation with the amount of mass the two objets is directly bound to the mass of those objects?? >> this could be a god way to limit travels out & from planets

Cost of use[edit | edit source]

The high cost of use of this technology is mainly bound to the computotional power needed to calculate the change of the coupling device. On travels out of the direct influence of planetary bodies, a huge amount of bodies have to be taken in acount, and the coupling constant of their relation to traveling body changed. Thus a huge amount of data needs to be processed. Being before the journey or on the go.

This computational power can be precompiled for small distances where new relations can be calculated from far ahead. As travel between a planet and one of its moons. Or small floating vehicles for planetary journeys.

The Fastlane network provides to ships traveling its lanes with precompiled data for each journey. Those ships then only need little computing power to apply this data on their midas device.

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