The incidents in Johannesburg (and in other parts of the globe) started when the OLD, here represented by one of AsiAfrican's main construction promoters, Ghin Jan Ku Construction Limited (GCL), doesn't want to use open source bio-enzymes for the rebuilding of a popular neighborhood. It decides to use an expensive bio-enzyme produced by Monsanto instead. A bio-enzyme from which the fruits are known for creating dependence and who create buildings that can only be maintained by other Monsanto products.

The riot couldn't be contained by the police forces and when the governor, under the pressure of GCL, calls the army, a national drama starts and all buildings built by GCL are vandalised, putting on the street 280'000 people and as most of those builders are built with the Monsanto enzyme, creating one of the biggest urban ecological catastrophe of the end of last century.

Out of solidarity a lot a combative ecological and political hacker cells target Monsanto and their security firm the Constellis all over the world. Other companies targeted are Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, GM, Nestle, UniLever, Facebook, and here goes the long list of the OLD (find name of their parent companies)...

The losses are considerable and when the OLD wants to strike back in blind example attacks the NEW offered their shields to the populations in need. This  started an open corporate war on the globe’s scale, who was very fast lost by the OLD and strengthen the NEW.

In a lot of places this fight wasn't necessary, as the NEW through slowly acquiring parts of the OLD (on a corporate level) and entering politics (on a popular level) were putting this change in place.

Before the end of the century, universal welfare is something acquired by all. Sustainability being its engine. The expansion through the Solar system, its way.

As the Midas device came before the total change, we still can find some reminiscences of the OLD floating in our Solar System.

Corporate Wars[edit | edit source]

During the Terran Revolution, a big part of the war happened on a corporate level.

Corporate Guerilla Actions[edit | edit source]

The NEW, not having the same amount of resources as the OLD has to excel in creativity, collaboration (with the popular movements), deception (towards the OLD)  and cunning.

Their most used tactics are:

  • BBB (Bleed Before Buy): Collaborate with popular movements to create chirurgical bleeding operations towards one member of the OLD. This with the intention of rising their need in cash flow (payments of mercenaries, bribes and reparations of sabotaged installations), forcing them to sell part of their assets at undervalued price to ‘neutral’ sister companies of the NEW.
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